Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 WORD

The last couple of days I've been winding down from Christmas, relaxing in the Season of Epiphany, planning my mindset for entering the new year, 2013. I have been reading, praying, studying scripture, listening to Pastor Craig & Ken Blanchard...and after much retrospection, my "resolution" or WORD for 2013 is:
While this may seem a harmless endeavor, I tend to complicate things. Everything. My goal for 2013 is to simplify.
simplify [ˈsɪmplɪˌfaɪ]vb -fies, -fying, -fied (tr)
  • To make less complicated, clearer, or easier
  • To reduce in complexity or extent.
  • To reduce to fundamental parts.
  • To make easier to understand.

I intend to focus on making my spiritual life more consistent, prioritize my family life, nourish the relationships that matter. This will involve reducing distractions, eliminating clutter & the unimportant, appreciating, clarifying friendships, moving on constructively in this season of my life.
See?  I wanted to change the background color on this graphic, to turquoise.  It meant retyping it all on a new background or bucket filling the background and every little encircled letter of the quote.  Simplify...leave it ugly green, it makes my is a start.

Happy 2013, I welcome you!

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Thank you....Kim